Kigali Embrace

Mont Rebero Embrace

On one of Rwanda’s thousand hills, the modern house of the family Musonera is situated. In its beautiful garden, there is a guesthouse, with two rooms. Next to the guesthouse there is a forest, home to the blue velvet monkey and many bird species. From the living room and terrace, the resident will enjoy the amazing view on Kigali’s many hills and on the volcanoes in the North of Rwanda. The area is very quiet and you can easily go for a walk in the surroundings, while meeting the local communities.

In this informal setting, a residency will be offered to an artist or ecologist, for one couple or two friends. Visits to the national parks of Rwanda can be arranged by the Family Musonera.

Contact Person:

Marga De Jaegere
Robert Musonera

Mont Rebero Embrace Program

2021: zero edition


Residency Artists